My 2018 Goals

I’m a bit late on this but I had to sit down and really think about this. You see every year I say “my New Year resolution is…” and I try for like the first few weeks and then it’s like “what resolution!” (giggles a little) but it’s true so this year I wanted to try something new.

I decided to make a realistic goal list not anything to over the top. Not that I won’t challenge myself because I’m totally challenging myself with some of these goals. They’re all challenging in their own little way. I will also have little goals throughout the month and I’ll be working towards my yearly goals along the way.

I’ve separated my list into two categories; personal and blog/social media goals. I probably would’ve just made a personal list last year but ya know blog life! So I’ll be sharing three from each list because if I share every single little goal you’ll be be reading for ever, jk or am I.

Personal Goals

1. Self care and love

I take care of myself but I think that I tend to care more for other that I seem to forget about myself. So I want to pamper myself more frequently. Now I don’t mean go to a spa every other weekend or waste money. There’s plenty of ways to pamper yourself without spending a dime.  My kind of pampering is taking a bubble bath with wine or maybe if you have kids asking somebody you trust to watch the kids for an hour or two and just go out and walk around clear your mind or stay home.

2. Pass my CPC test and finally get certified

Pretty self explanatory, this is the one that scares me. I don’t like to fail twice so I’m putting everything into this one. And if I pass my reward will be getting a new camera and hopefully getting a new job! So please pray or send all the positive vibes in the world my way.

3. Stop depending on others for my happiness

God knows I need help in this department, I depend a lot on people and not for the right reasons. I if I feel like something is wrong I could be in the best mood and it all just go down hill. I need to learn to make Miriam happy and it’s okay for others to add to it just not have full control of it.

Okay so I want to add  bonus one because it came to me this morning..

4. Grow spiritually

I am not much of church person not that I don’t enjoy it, sometimes Kamilah is difficult and doesn’ like staying in the kids area. Sometimes I watch it on my iPad. But this year I want to atleast make an attempt to go even if I have to hold Kamilah the whole service. I also want to start reading the bible more and get into bible journaling.

 Blog/Social Media Goal

1. Open up

I’m very guarded at times and I feel like at times I only share what I think people want to hear therefore shutting down other sides of me. Now I’m not saying I’m like the most amazing and intersting human being but I have my own little magic. “Miriam’s  Magic” that should be my twitter name lol

2. Get my blog to at least 400 followers

I would like more than that but we shall see

3. Attend my first blogger event

I live in Texas and so far I’ve only met a handful of bloggers and I would like to meet more. I would like to meet others who enjoy the same thing I do. So this is one that scares me as well but this will be the year….is there a follower requirement? Maybe that’s why I haven’t been invited to one (shrugs)

And that is it well at least for this blog, but my list goes on.

Until next time





2 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals

  1. I love you Self Care and Love goal! Those are definitely things I am working on this year as well. It’s hard being a momma, your own needs often get pushed to the back of the line. Good luck on your goals for 2018 and happy blogging!

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