Garnier Fructis Color Vibrancy Treat Hair Mask Review

So this is my first review ever and I’m kind of nervous about it, because I obviously haven’t done one before. I want to give y’all my honest opinion and give y’all as much information as I can without it being a bit overwhelming. So hopefully I do just that.

First off I do want to make a really quick disclaimer; this product was sent to me for free for testing purposes by influenster. And my opinions are my own


There’s five different hair masks and they all do different things. They have one for strengthening weak hair, to nourish dry hair, to smooth frizzy hair, another to repair damaged hair and lastly one to protect color vibrancy. The neat thing about these is that they all have a fruit extract except for the avocado mask since that’s a veggie (duh)

I received the protect color vibrancy treat hair mask, . This hair mask has Goji extracts, so I did a little research and I found out that Goji Berries have a lot of health benefits and that the it also helps with growth, nourishes, and makes the hair strong. So that’s already a plus!

More positive stuff

  • a vegan formula (no animal derived ingredients or by-products
  • 94% biodegradable formula
  • No silicones
  • No parabens
  • No artificial colorants


You can use this product in three ways as a mask, a conditioner, or leave in. I chose to use it as a mask and a conditioner. I used this product for about 2 weeks. The first time I used it as a conditioner and the second time I decided to use it as a mask I left it on for longer than a minute. I kept alternating between the two methods for those two weeks. Keep in mind that I don’t wash my hair everyday because it gets very oily and that was actually one of my concerns. I was scared that since I made a really sudden change with my hair products that my hair would just become this grease ball of hair. And I have to say that I was pretty impress because first my hair was not a grease mess and second because my hair was smooth, silky, and smelled so wonderful. The consistency of the mask is like your regular conditioner and a small amount of product goes a long way. I still have some left and the container it came in wasn’t too big so that says a lot.

I did noticed that my hair would be a bit more softer if I rinsed it out with warm water instead of scorching hot water. I don’ know if that’s just my weird hair but that’s the only thing i did noticed.

All around i loved it and I would definitely recommend this. I really want to try out the strengthening hair mask, because my hair has been in a little funk lately.  If I do I’ll make sure to tell y’all my opinion on it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review.

Until next time



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