Lively Dallas Pop-Up Shop

I went to my first ever pop-up shop event this past Sunday and it was G R E A T. I made it 30 mins late because my GPS wanted to play games with me and direct me to the wrong place. But it didn’t matter because it then took me 15 mins to find it the actual venue lol. I’ve lived in Dallas for a long time but you’ll be amazed out how easily I get lost even with GPS (face palm)


Anyways the name of the pop-up shop is Lively! The lady (i cannot for the life of me remember her name) that I spoke to basiacally said that they don’t really like to call it lingerie, they like to call it Leisuree. It’s the common grown between lingerie and lounge wear. Which I’m all for!

They have a variety of different bras and undies; style wise. They have no wire bras, bralettes, push ups, and they also carry a maternity bralette. In the underwear department they carry bikini, briefs, cheeky shorts, high waisted undies and thongs. The fabric is soft and very breathable. But wait there’s more Lively also carries bodysuits!



During my little adventure they had a wonderful lady giving complimentary massages! And you know i signed up to get one, she popped bones I didn’t even know i had, she also showed me a stretch that helps to relieve the stress on my neck. I wasn’t able to get a picture because I was preoccupied but I felt amazing afterwards.

The store was so well put together, pretty and girly. It’s a store I would regularly go to for sure.


I bought two pair of underwear, they were actually none left in my size in the store so the lady who was helping me ordered them for me. They are on their way as I type.

Lively will be in Dallas until the 21st, they are located im West Village. If you’re interested in purchasing some adorable bras and/or underwear you can find them Here. You will also find the other activities they have planned like for this coming up Saturday they are having bakery goodies so you can snack and shop, the best of both worlds.


I hope you all have a wonderful day! And make sure you check them out!!!

Until next time



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