Girls Day/Night Out | Deep Ellum

Some my goals for this year were to

1. Go out more

2.  Make friends

3. And share my passion

I did just that this past Saturday and I must say it was amazing and breath of fresh air. I went out on a Girls Day turned Girl Night with Cin and Gabby. I’ve been knowing of this two beautiful ladies for about 3+ years maybe even more. We all me through Facebook but only made small talk here and there.

We all recently reconnected on Instagram. We decided to make a group chat on there to speak to one another and it’ freaking crazy how much we have in common! Gabby vlogs and Cin blogs and vlogs have yall not seen how much i complain about not meeting enough people who share what i love! It was meant to be lol!! While having our talks we made plans to meet up you know to get to know one another better. We wanted to to go somwhere fun, opened and somewhere we could take awesome pictures. All that screamed Deep Ellum!

We decided to meet 2/03/2018 and this is how our day/night went in Deep Ellum..


After finally finding a parking space, our next task to tackle was to decided wheher we wanted to eat first or walk around. That was easily decided because we stumbled upon the stands we had seen earlier and decided to check them out. It turns out their local sellers who come to Deep Ellum the first of every month.


The Organic Artisan


Terra Gal

I’m getting a little one from her this weekend 🌵


Papis Kitchen

They had so many other stand these three were the main ones that caught my attention. Gabby and Cin bought strawberry/jalapeno jam from Papis Kitchen they said it was delicious. We then went to a little cafe to get something hot because y’all it was freezing!


We then walked around and took more pictures coffees and macchiatos in hand.





After us walking around talking, laughing and taking so many pictures we worked up and appetite. After yet another walk lol we finally decided to settle down in Cafe de Brazil. I’e had it before while I was pregnant with Kamilah and it was amazing.


I got the grilled cheese sandwich with avocado, I got something simple. We spent maybe two hours in there not eating but talking. The conversations with these ladies were so natural. Nothing was forced. We went from one topic to another just like that. The laughs were endless.


Our night came to an end and i can’t count how many times we said bye and hugged lol. We are getting together again vvveeerrryyy soon this time for a kids play date. Yup we also have that in common we are mammas.

So y’all know how my birthday was last month, they were nice enough to get me belated birthday gifts. I had no idea and I was not expecting to get anything.

Thank you ladies you guys are amazing!

Can’t wait to share our next adventure together.

Until next time




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