Plant & Sip With The Girls

I’ve been wanting a plant of my own since like the beggining of last month, I’ve never had one so I don’t know where the impulse comes from. Anyways the girls (cin and gabby) and I came across Plant and Sip, we’ve all seen this from a couple of other IG moms and just random picture pop ups. So Plant and Sip is where you build your own little terrarium while you either drink and eat. We decided to sign up, the girls were super nice and actually treated me to this event.


 The event was hosted inside “The Market” which close to Deep Ellum (I know it seems like we always meet near or in Deep Ellum) but anyways that was my first time ever going there and to my surprise t’s literally a market. They have little stores and restarant inside the building while we waited for Gabby to arrive Cin and I decided to explore.




I’ve never had a macarons before so I decided to get a few and y’all I am in love. Will definitely go back and get a few more.

Once Gabby arrived we sat down and got ready enjoy ourselves. We didnt get food or drinks because well i don’t actually know we just didn’t. The instructor came by and started telling us about the plants and how to care for them. I ofcourse was delighted to know that they don’tr equire much maintenance.


He gave us instructions on how to build our little terrarium, he also helped us with our little designs. There’s no right or wrong you just have to let your creativity flow. You can be as simple as you want or be as E X T R A as you want. I decided to be in between I have to have inspiration before I do any project and since I didn’t look anything up before hand my mind was blank. But I mean I think it came out great.


They had us pick three plants and they also had trays full of colorful rocks. We could use as many as we wanted like I said theres no right or wrong.



Do y’all see the concentration?


This is my little terrarium he had us place a little dinosaur so it could protect it, which I thought was pretty cute.


We were all starving afterwards so we went to taqueria which was right across from us.


I loved this restaurant because they don’ ask for your name they give you a new name. Mine was Carla ☺ I got three shrimp tacos and a sweet tea because the margaritas were pretty strong and I was driving.


As always I had a great time with these ladies and can’t wait to get together again.



Until Next Time



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