Girls Day | The Flea Style Market

I’m actually a bit late posting this because this Saturday will mark a week since I went to this event smh..I know I know… (insert ashamed face here) But I have honestly been busy and not like the I’m running around losing my head kind of busy but more so busy trying to get my ish together. Because I’ve been in this funk and your girl is tired of feeling this way…

So you know this girls day was much needed!

This time around it was just Cin and I, Gaby couldn’t make it which sucked but we will soon all reunite. We decided to go to The Flea StyleMarket which was made up all of local small shops, which I love because I love supporting small businesses.

Y’all so first of let me say that Cin and I froze our butts off trying to get to the market..but lets move on

I was so freaking amazed by how beautiful they decorated the space is gave me boho vibes for sure which I am very much into these days. Like I really think I’m a flower child and if it was up to me I would wear maxi dresses with flowers on my hair everyday but unfortunately, Texas weather is not letting me be great. It was beyond beautiful! And as much I loved the decorations I did not take any pictures of the entrance but trust me y’all it was A D O R A B L E


We made our way to the first store which had the old school van pictured above! I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this shop but they had everything I am into! They had the cactus y’all, thats all I had to see for me to be sold on this shop


Those little cacti you not the shot glasses y’all but the ones next to them those were lip balms! Come on how much cuter can it get!

We walked around taking pictures and meeting new people. There were a lot of jewelry shops and to my surprise few home decor stuff. They also had so many clothing shops and vintage shops. That placed described me to the T!

I was also very pleased to see two shops that represent where I am from, Mexico! They had traditional Guatemalan dresses and dolls!!! That honestly made my day they dresses were beautiful and so well made!



I didn’t get a picture of the other shop that was there but here is there instagram and the link to the their website will be in their bio

Luna Antigua


The Heart & Arrow



KJJ by Katie Jones

There were so many other shops! So many that I did not get the chance to take a picture of them individually! The Flea Style Market was awesome to say the least, my feet for sure hurting by the end of our little adventure.


These are the little goodies I got, not much but i love what i did get.

The mug and coaster are from The heart & Arrow

And the magnet is from Renewed Pupose Studio


We both vlogged our day as well so if you want to see a little bit more please click down below!

My Vlog

Cin’s Vlog

I had such an amazing time and it was much needed!

Until next time



One thought on “Girls Day | The Flea Style Market

  1. That was a good find. Your flea market is very much similar to the popular tiangge in different parts of the Philippines. One thing I love about this: you get to see cool stuff plus the chance to witness the craftsmanship/products indigenuous to a particular region. 🙂

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