Mother’s Day

First off Happy Belated Mothers Day to all of you wonderful mammas out there! I hope you all had an amazing day full of laughter and love!!

I meant to get this post out a day before Mothers  Day but as some of  you guys know I  actually took my Billing and Coding Certification test. And I was so tired and overwhelmed after taking a five hour test.  Yes you read that right! My head was pounding and my neck was in so much pain. I won’t know my results for another week or so. Keep your fingers crossed!

Then I figured why not wait til after to post about my day…

So lets just say that it was not what I expected! It wasn’t what I expected at all actually… nevertheless the kids and I had a great day. In the morning after all the mess that happened I took the kids out to eat to Glorias (Tex-Mex restaurant) and let me just say that in itself was an adventure lol. I was in a restaurant by myself with three kids that rarely happens because lets be honest i don’t have 5 hands. Breonna which is the kiddos cousin was nice enough to stop by Glorias and keep me company for a few minutes. So thank you Bre for the adult conversation lol.


I got through it y’all I made it out alive and with all kids well fed and happy.

We then made our way to Target and I initially went in there to get the kids some floaties for the pool later that day, but I ended up getting something totally different which A L W A Y S happens right? It was things the kids needed though so I feel like I had a great Target run if you ask me. I do plan on going back to actually get them they’re floaties. We eventually made it home and I wanted to just stay in but I had promised the kids a nice little afternoon at the pool.

I took like a 30 min break if you can even call it that because for 15 mins I was searching for Kamilahs swimsuit which I eventually figured out was with the clothes that I had just washed which were at my moms house! So anyways after my little discovery I had to improvise I found some shorts and a little white tank top and that was her “swimsuit” We made our way to the pool and the boys went crazy they were all over the place while Kamilah and I stayed by the steps and just splashed water. Soon enough Kami saw this  HUGE flamingo float and she made it her mission to get on it. The little boy who owned it was nice enough to let us use it and her day was basically made. She was so happy y’all.


Once we were done at the pool we went home. They showered, ate pizza, and watched a little tv. I then started building Kamilahs bed which has been kinda on hold for a while but she now has a toddler bed and she is so freaking happy.

And thats how I spent my Mothers Day, nothing fancy or flashy just something super simple. The boys did make me crafty Mother’s Day gifts which are the freaking best if you ask me!


Kason made me this little keychain and its sadly fading away, but it says “I love you mom” and the little people are Kamilah, Noah, him and me


This was Noah’s gift to me.

Im glad I got to spend it with just the kids because after all if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t  be able to celebrate this beautiful holiday. And again I hope you all had a wonderful day. If things didn’t go like you wanted them to I hope that you know that you are still the best mom and that you are very loved.

Until Next Time




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