Kason’s Pre-K Graduation

Kason has finished the first milestone in his school journey. He has graduated Pre-K WWOOHHOO!!!!

I would be lying if I say I didn’t almost cry during the ceremony but I did, I played it off really good and acted like it was my allergies acting up. Which worked because I actually do have really bad eye allergies. But I am such a proud mother y’all! I know some people don’t take this ceremony seriously but I do and so does my family.


Like I stated above its the first step in his school journey and I truly believe that you should always celebrate every milestone specially when it comes to school. You want to make sure your child knows that you are proud of everything that they do. That will encourage them to do better and try harder. And we all want that we all want our kids ro succeed and be the best that they can be.

So of course I was a freaking mess and running around like a chicken without its head but it was all worth. As long as a smile was painted on his face nothing else mattered. And thats exactly what happened he was so happy and would smile ear to ear when he would hear us say “Kason I’m so proud of you” or “you’re so smart you graduated” 


So to my little wild child I would like to say the following…

I know I have said it like 1000 times today but I am so proud of you. You have truly made me a proud mother from seeing you write your name to you explaining to me what you learned at school that day. You get so excited when you’re explaining things to me that you think I have no idea about. I let you tell me what you have to tell me because the minute I say “wow Kason I didn’t know that” your face lights up. I hope your passion for learning never dims out. I hope you continue to be the good and loving boy you are. And that you leave a wonderful impression on everybody’s life just like you have been doing.

Until Next Time





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