Latina Weekly

I attended an event this weekend, its actually been a while since I’ve been to one. So I was kind of nervous and then to top it off I had trouble finding the place which resulted in me being late (as always) So imagine me being late and being the last one to make it in.

So let me explain what Latina Weekly is..

It is a Dallas based organization that promote inspiring Latinas. It provides a media platform for all Latinas to share the stories, accomplishments and advice. They will also be launching their first ever magazine this year.


The founder of this amazing organization is Ahtziri Roman she is a lifestyle blogger. She lived in Chicago but now lives in Dallas, Tx. She created this in hopes to bring Latinas from all over the place together to inspire and grow as one.

She provided us with a workbook that we could use throughout our day, I thought it was pretty neat. And I will for sure be using it! She also spoke about the things she does to keep herself balanced. She said something that stood out to me which was that she writes down something nice that happened or that she did that day. And once the month is over she goes back to that page in her journal al and is reminded of all the good. And I love that because we tend to only remember the bad and overshadow the good.


Although I arrived a bit late I was lucky enough to hear some of these ladies stories. Stories that I for once didn’t know were still going on. We shared stories about our struggles and concerns. I mean how crazy is it to hear that people are still getting judge and corrected for speaking Spanish in America. you most definitely hear that on the news but to hear about it from a fellow Latina in Dallas thats eye opening.

Aside from talking about serious we also shared laughs, took pictures, ate amazing food and enjoyed each others Β company!

I must say that after this event it has really opened up my eyes to how much I need to represent my heritage. Especially because I have children that need to know where THEY came from. You know the good ol saying “you need to know where you came from to know where you are going” Β They should be proud of their roots and in order for them to know be proud I need to take initiative and show them my culture.

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot! There’s more to come trust me and I can’t wait!


Until Next Time




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