BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Review

Hey y’all so I’ve been reviewing this product for sometime now. Like I have literally used it every time that I decide to “beat” my face and I kinda use that term loosely because God knows I am still learning. Anyways I wanted to actually take the time to use this product and get a feel for it and give my honest opinion.

So lets get to nitty-gritty shall we..


So this highlighter is from BECCA Cosmetics and I got it in the shade Topaz. The packaging is very slick which I love! This highlighter retails for $38 dollars and it is about 0.25 oz worth of product. I did my little research and I found out that BECCA Cosmetics is cruelty free which I am all for! That was definitely a P L U S! They also have a variety of shades to pick from.

When I looked up the shade on their website and how they would describe the shade it said as follows “Radiant bronze with golden undertones” and I could not agree more! It is absolutely gold like when first saw it I was kind of intimidated because again its like BBBAAAMMM GOLD IN YOUR FACE! But I gave it a shot y’all I didn’t let it throw me off entirely.


So like I said I tried it more than once actually it kind of replaced my favorite highlighter from WET N WILD. Right of the bat (have I said this enough) its super freaking pigmented! Ya’ll like its P I G M E N T E D again I repeat its super P I G M E N T E D! You seriously don’t need a lot of product unless you want to blind a few people. The application is very smooth its not like chalky if that makes sense.


Also I received an angle brushed which I freaking love! The brush is so soft and so easy to use, like I said I’m not a pro at makeup but I honestly appreciate this brush. I went on their website and read that this brush can be used as a contour brush as well. It retails for $28 dollars.

Overall I love these products and I will continue to use them! They have became a staple of mine for sure.

I also want to make a little disclaimer, I received these wonderful products for free from influenster for testing purposes and all opinions are my own.

Until Next Time



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