Pictures & Popsicles!!

Y’all when I say a girls day was much needed..that is exactly what I mean. So much has been going on in my personal life and I just needed some me time.

So me and Cin headed out to our usual part of town…DEEP ELLUM… we practically live there if you ask me. Trust me theres so many other places we could go but somehow we always end up there. We actually went with a mission! The mission was to get some really nice pictures for an interview I am doing.

But nevertheless we had a freaking blast as always! There is never a dull moment when we go out. We could talk and laugh for hours. We had lunch at IdleRye which I never had but I cannot complain. I had the patty melt and a margarita yes it was one of those girls day out lol!



We then made our way to the Fleastyle store that they just opened up not too long ago! I have been stalking them on instagram for a while now and omg the visit was long overdue. Like I told the girl working there I have practically been there but not in person it was over their instagram feed and stories. The store OOOHHH MMYY  GGGAAWWDD! It was everything and more than I expected like the vibe is so me..the store is me in a nutshell. Cin and I were in heaven for sure! We only stayed there for a little but we will be going back to go through the whole store and actually pick stuff out.


We then walked around and took some pictures…


Found the cutest book store..




We ended our girls day with a popsicle because it was like 100 and something degrees out! Texas does not play when it comes up to this summer heat!


And that basically concludes our little girls day!

Until Next Time



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