I conquerded two of my fears a week ago today…planes and heights…

In my 26 years of life I have never set a foot on a plane or any other state farther than 8 hours (driving) all the trips that I have taken were road trips. Anyways theres a reason why I hadn’t made the move but I will be getting into that soon, I promise..

Honestly the anticipation of getting on the plane was what was getting me. Like just knowing that I was not going to be on land was too much for me to process. Once I was on the plane I was okay up until takeoff. Takeoff was the worst part for me it felt like I was on a rollercoaster and if you know me you know I hate them! But thank God we made there and back safely. Sleeping helped a lot even if it cost me my neck. Oh and the kids were the best they enjoyed the ride, they were so fearless.


So we traveled to Tacoma, Seattle to visit the kids grandparents! It was like a little vacation/birthday celebration because Kason turned the big F I V E! But heres the kick it was also my dads and Terrence Sr. 49th birthday! Isn’t that like the craziest coincidence ever! Its been a while since we last seen them so this was a much needed trip.

Our stay there was a breath of fresh air and seeing all the scenery made me so happy. Seattle is definitely a must see place if you enjoy trees, mountains, trails and all the outside stuff. Not just that the have the cutest neighborhoods! Like omg I feel in love, the houses reminded me of neighborhoods I’ve seen on cute little love movies. And come on freaking Greys Anatomy and Twilight were filmed in Seattle!


We didn’t stay long so we couldn’t do a lot of sight seeing, but it was still such a great trip.

We arrived Friday early morning (3 am) we were picked up by Shani she’s the kids Honey (grandma) we then drove an hour or so to her house. We were then greeted by Auntie Keke, Auntie Janeiah and we kind of woke up Uncle Isaiah…grandpa was asleep because he had training that morning. We stayed up talking and laughing. Honey made us some ramen noodles with chicken and all I remember is taking a shower, showering the kids and taking my butt to bed. Jet lag is no joke…

That morning we went downtown to the aquarium which we actually never made it to because we chose food…I mean come on it is food. But we did visit a vintage arcade room and the kiddos went crazy. We also got on the Ferris wheel, can y’all believe that?! I must admit that 90% of the time I was looking straight ahead at Shani (grandma) and the kids auntie, because the thought of me being around the dang sea terrified the crap out of me.


We also visited the casino (grownups only of course) and y’all I had a ball. I lost a hundred dollars and gained zero but hhheeeyy it the experience that counts. Also the food they serve there is delicious and Terrence and I stayed at the hotel right about the casino. And that itself was a vacation for me…I didn’t have to get up early which I still did because I’m so used to doing. I didn’t have to clean or cook because we ordered room service! And those were definitely the best French toast I have ever had!! Okay so on Saturday which was our last day we went to elevate and we let the kids go crazy and then we went out to eat.



After that we headed back to the house and I think everybody fell asleep but me, honey, and Keke. We sat around and had a “girl circle” lol we talked, joke and told stories.

Like I said our trip was pretty short but in those two and a half days we were there I found it was the breath and break that I needed to take. I tried to take everything in and enjoy my stay as much as I could. It was so nice being around family who we rarely get to see. I’ve learned so much about them and bonded with them. I especially found my conversations with auntie Keke to be so refreshing..I know I’ve used the word refreshing and breath of fresh air so many times but you guys that’s what the trip felt like. Β My mind needed this and I am so thankful to them for opening their home to us and Β i cannot wait to go back.


Hopefully soon rather than later.. Thanks Seattle for the beautiful vibes and views…

Until Next Time



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