JustFab Unboxing|Bowla Oxford Flat

I finally found the perfect Oxford shoes that my fashion heart have been longing for! I use to have the perfect pair about 3 years ago and I swear guys I had them in my hand ready to go to my new place, but somehow they never made it here. I honestly think my mom accidentally” threw them to the donation bag, but thats neither here nor there.

Now I know you’re probably like “gggiirrrlll theres so many out there how come it took you this long”  Well I am very picky when it comes to shoes and clothes and I really wasn’t looking for any because its hot here in Texas but Fall is upon us so I figured why not.

I check JustFab religiously not just for the Oxford style shoes but just shoes in general. A girl can never have too many shoes in my eyes. So when I saw these I fell in love and I actually had credit with them so it was meant to be.


Okay so as always we have the famous pink box and inside the pink tissue paper! The packaging is so minimalist but oh so adorable.


And here are the shoes!! Okay let’s take a moment to admire how cute they are….


The description says they are a tan color but they are much lighter. They are between an off white almost beige. The shoe strings are like ribbon before I untied them they were tied into the most perfect bow as you can see I couldn’t replicate it, but I tried.

I did try them on and actually wore them to work and for the most part they were comfy. I did have to put a little bit of lotion on the back part where my ankle is because it would rub up against the shoe and it was starting to bug me. But other than that they were comfy.

I feel like they will for sure be a fall staple for me, because they go with everything. And the color is just so delicate and pretty. I’m honestly just in love!!!!

You guys will for sure be seeing these babies in action pretty soon..

Until Next Time



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