“Life’s a Piece of Cake” Event

I was beyond excited to go to this event but this one was a bit more special I feel. And the reason was because two different groups from the DFW area who cater to women were coming together as one.

The two groups putting this together were Latina Weekly + She belongs. They both cater to women like I said previously, they both host events, and bring ladies from all different walks of life together to network and to build new friendships.

So just a little FIY or fun fact if you will. I’m a part of Latina Weeklyy I along with our founder Z plan out the event. So this is another reason why it’s so dear to my heart.


 I think both groups wanted this event to be fun and a way to make friends without akward pauses if that makes sense. So what better way then to bake, decorate, coffee or wine (we dont judge) The ladies got to make and decorate cake pops and we had the chance to do it in the cutest coffee shop (Urban Alchemy Bar & Coffee).  


Y’all since the minute I steped foot in the coffee shop you could feel the amazing energy generating from all the wonderful ladies who attended. Everybody laughed, exhanched info, and took pictures. It felt like we all knew one another for sure.


And the plus was we all got to see each others impressive decorating skills!


After all the decorating and drinks is safe to say we all went home with a major sugar rush but hey it was worth it.


These are all the beautiful and strong women who made this event possible (there I am in the back by the way) cant wait for our next collab!

Also thank you to the photographers who took amazing pictures during the event Dayna, Josh and Elva.

Until Next Time




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