Sea World Trip 2018

This little mini trip was much needed! But let me just say that the drive there was an adventure of it’s own. I was so confident that I would enjoy it, that was shortly proven wrong 2 hrs into the drive I was wishing I could turn around and climb in my comfy bed and take the longest nap. For some reason my GPS decided it would be aΒ GREAT idea to take us trough the dont get me wrong I enjoy it I’m all for the mountains and open fields but come on my GPS was trying to give me all country scenery in one drive.


San Antonio is 4 hrs away from Dallas so it’s not that bad of a drive but I was so thankful once we finally made it to the hotel! We didnt last long because we went straight to Sea World which was just around the corner. The plan was to ride the rides there and watch as many shows as we could. Which we were able to do! Even though we kind of arrived 3 hrs before the park closed





Now I wasn’t too excited for the shows and I thank God we only got to see one. I have my personal reason and I know some people will probably be asking “then why did you go?” I went because my mom loves sea world and she wanted to take the kiddos on a last minute vacation since this summer we stayed home for the most part. We did not have time to plan this extravagant road trip so we went to the closest park. I will say that the kids enjoyed the show and they learned new stuff. Kason was so fascinated and could not stop asking about the whales.


The next day we went to Aquatics which is the water park they have there and it was absuletyΒ amazing.Β The park is huge they have so many pools and I especially liked that they catered a lot for the kids. They had 3 different areas for the kids and they had cute little chairs for them. They also had a lot of slides that me and Noah ended up loving. And if y’all know me y’all would know that I am scared of getting on anything that I have no control over. But I enjoyed then all, I think a little too much because Noah had to tell me to stop lol





Omg so this was by far my favorite part of aquatica we got to touch and feed sting rays. This was the best experience ever!



Watermelon to refresh the soul


And that pretty much concludes our mini vacation. We ended our trip by looking at some very exotic dishes and we also got to see the dolphins and talk to a trainer about them.

I am so grateful that we got to spend our weekend in beautiful San Antonio and that I got to capture so many beautiful memories. The kids smiled and laughed so much and that’s all I ultimately wanted for them. We will go back and this time to explore San Antonio city and take some more beautiful pictures.

Until Next Time



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