Liletta IUD|Why I got it, Insertion Experience & The Nitty Gritty

Where to start with this one here… hhmmm well I guess we can take it back to my postpartum check up after having Kamilah (this was in 2015 by the way). I was well aware that they would ask me what I would be using as a contraceptive and i had already made my mind up to sticking with the Depo shot because although it did give me horrible headaches from time to time the pros were better than the cons. They didnt give me trouble they gave me my appointment to return and get the shot within the week or two. And that was pretty much the routine for the next two years.

That came to a halt this year after my nurse practitioner asked me to look into another method because the Depo was not the best option. I had been using it for more than I should’ve. You see the depo has side effects long term you might not see much of a change but it can really damage your bones making them weak and brittle. And I honestly was starting to feel a difference in my knee.

So I started my research and looked at all my options. I finally decided to go ahead and the IUD. I knew the risks but I believed it was the best for me at the time. The IUD that is offered at the clinic I go to is the Liletta. My doctor told me I was making a good choice so they scheduled my appointment.

March 13, 2018

This was the date I went in to get the IUD inserted, now I was nervous wreck. I don’t like going into things and not knowing what can or will happen, so while I waited I watched a few videos on youtube of girls explaining their experience. Now this is where somebody should’ve of taken my phone away because y’all I was believed deep within me that I had this in the bag and boy was I wrong.

After waiting for like an hour or so I got called in the back and I had to undress from the waist down and I sat awkwardly waiting for my nurse to come in. When she cam in she greeted me and asked how I was doing. She explained what would be happening and reassured me that she would let me know what she was doing along the way. She instructed me to lay down and scoot all the way down towards her. All my ladies know what this looks like and feels like. So as she was down there she was talking to me you know trying to make me feel comfy which worked until she told me she was going to measure my cervix.

Y’all when I say this hurt like hell that is exactly what I mean. It felt like she was pulling my ovaries down now I don’t really know how that would feel bbbuutt it felt like she was pulling something down. She then said I was a “perfect candidate” and said she was going to insert the Liletta. That part also hurt like no other and I might have slipped in a few “ahhh ssshhiit” but she didn’t seem to mind it lol. So after she was done she helped me sit up but my body quickly made it clear that this was not going to be possible. I got really light headed and my stomach was cramping so bad that my nurse had to help me lay down. She called in another nurse and asked her to bring me a snack and water and told me to lay there for at least 30 mins. After those very long 30 mins I was given the okay to leave and as sore as I was I made my way to my car. I sat in my car for another 15 mins because y’all the pain was so bad it felt like mini contractions.

That whole day all I did was sleep. The next day was no better the cramps were still bad and I was bleeding very heavily. This lasted for about 3 days or so.

It all kind of went back to “normal” after a week. I would often complain about pain on my right side, it was near my pelvic areas but I always seemed to blame it on the fact that I wasn’t drinking enough water or that my body was getting used to the IUD. The pain was very sharp and it would come and go. I also noticed that I would bleed more often than normal. I didn’t really have a set period I would just bleed throughout the month. But nothing ever made me think something was wrong.

That all changed towards the end of June when one morning I went to the bathroom and y’all I know this is super TMI but i was bleeding a lot. And I dont mean like a heavy period it was more than that. I got really scared but went to work and tried my best to manage it through out the day. Throughout the day my stomach was killing me and I felt so lightheaded. I work at a hospital do after my shift was over I decided to head over to the ER.

ER Visit

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity I was finally called to back where I had to tell them what was going on. No details left behind just the honest truth. The doctor came in and asked me to tell him what was going on. Let me just say now that he was the best doctor I have ever encountered (yes it was man) he made sure I didnt feel uncomfortable and really listened to everything i was saying.

He checked me out and decided it was best to check my IUD. Once the exam was done he said “well everything seems fine” I seriously thought to myself “yyeesss so it’s just my body being weird” then he said “but I cannot locate the strings to the IUD, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. It probably just moved and its somewhere in your uterus. I’ll put in order for a sonogram to locate it, we will find it” and asked if I was okay which i nodded to but i wasnt. He walked out and I was left there to just think.

My thoughts were all over the place. So I was not okay all this time I kept telling myself it was fine. My body was giving me signs and I just kept ignoring. That would of explained a lot of my pain in my lower stomach and pelvic are and also explain the bleeding. The heavy and continuous “period”.

I was sent to get an ultrasound and again the staff was so nice to me and kept me so calm. The tech checked my ovaries and my uterus and although he couldn’t tell me much he said everything looked fine. I was then wheeled into my room again and waited for the doctor to come back in. It took maybe like 30 mins after the ultrasound for him to come back in. May I add that it was roughly around 3 am. Anyways so he came in and told me “well your ovaries look amazing, no damage and you uterus looks good too!” At this point I wasnt sure if I should say thanks, but I continued to listen. Then he said “the IUD is not in place and it’s not in your uterus or ovaries so it either fell or it traveled out. I want to rule out the worst which is a traveling IUD so I’m sending you to get an xray.” So this is kind of were I freaked out! I didn’t know what to say other than “okay” my thoughts were doing gym antics right now. This is probably when I did the stupidest thing I could’ve done which is Google articles on IUDs moving. The horror stories were all too much for me. I had to exit out and just sit there and wait.

Once again here I am being wheeled to the xray area. They take the xrays and I’m wheeled back to my room. I sit there for a while and as I was finally dozing off in comes the doctor. He comes in looking kind of happy which makes me wonder did he find it in my uterus after all or what. He sits and tells me “well we found it! They were about to miss it but I looked at it very closely and sure enough there it was. It definitely did travel out of your uterus and it sitting nicely on top of it near your small intestine” now when I hear intestine my eyes opened wide open. He continues “this is the first time I have ever encounter this before because the chances of an IUD moving or traveling is 1.5% percent and your that 1.5%” again I wasnt sure if I was suppose to say thanks because he was just so chipper about it (I’m glad he was because in a weird way it made me calm) he did show me the xray but I was not able to take a picture or a copy of it mostly because I didnt ask for one because i was so tired and all the informations given to me was taking over everything. But seeing that image was so crazy and made it that more real that a foreign object was in my stomach cavity.

I was already scared but I had to ask the most important question on my mind, which was “can it move from that area?” Which he answered as honestly as he could without getting me more nervous. “It can but I dont think it will because I suspect it has been there for sometime now. I dont think it stayed in place at all. If it does move you will know because your symptoms will get worse you will have shivers, vomiting, stomach aches and high fevers. But I really dont think that will be your case because it’s really just laying on your uterus as weird as it may sound it has found a home but sadly for it your body is kicking it out” to this I smiled and he said not to worry and that he will get my discharge papers ready and that my appointment to be seen for my follow up would be on there.

When I got my paper and walked out of the ER it was already early morning. I had to call in for work because I had no sleep and I was drained mentally. I didnt check my discharge paper until I got home and then noticed that the appointment was two weeks later. My stomach sank because that to me was so long. I decided to not even worry about it and get home, take a shower and sleep.

After waking up I called the nurse line and she basically said that I was super lucky to be getting the appointment that fast because some people have to wait a month or so. Which was so mindblowing to me. How is that okay? Why would they wait that long? It’s a foreign object in a persons body. It can puncture so many things and cause infection.I was honestly so drained mentally that I didnt even want to fight over an appointment.

For the next couple of days I was so sad and you could tell. My body language and face said it all. I was scared that any movement would make this thing move even more. I was so uncomfortable in my own body. I had to really push my self to get out of that funk. And I did but i was still so cautious not to do anything to “strainous” anything to keep it from moving was my goal. Even though that is impossible because I had no control over it.

I had made the decision to put something in my body and now it had backfired.

Woah this one is a long one I wanted to include the appointment I had but I think I will just include it in the next part.

Until Next Time






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