Simple Outing..

I’ll be lying if I tell you guys that I’m not a total homebody. I love being inside in my own little bubble and away from everything and everyone. My home is my happy place i have everything I need here. BUT that does not mean my kids are the same. 

First of their kids so they naturally want to run free and be kids ya’ know. But your girl did not want to go out and spend money lol! Hey guys its rent week and I have other bills to pay. Then kamilah said the magic words “mommy I want to go on the slide” and my awesome mom light bulb turned on!

The park, ddduuuhhhhh

So I got Kason ready because Kamilah was ready to go, I got some waters and gold fishes (their favorite snack) and made our way to our local park.


And the madness began

(By the way it was Noah’s dad weekend so that is why he wont be in any of the pictures)


Kason always has to sit and observe for a little before he goes into full on “kid mode”. Kamilah wasted no time let me tell you she was all over the place the minute we arrived this is why I’m always on my toes.


They ran around, laughed, made new friends and took no breaks in between the whole entire time we were there. When I say my kids are full of energy I mean just that. I would see them on the slide and the next they were on the other side of the playground….its like they turn into sprint marathon athletes.


This little girl will be the reason why I have a heart attack at the tender age of 26. She is so fearless, she has no limits and will try to outdo any of her brothers. She has no problem showing them that she might be little but she can hang with them. She climbed both sides and the other side where Kason was.

Our fun didnt end there, they opened a store called “spirit Halloween” (the only open that pop up shop around this time) that’s on our way back home and the kids have never been there. So I thought why not stop by and see their reaction.


I was a bit nervous because for the most part the kids arent that scared of scary movies they actually like them for the most part, but like I said they’ve never been to a store dedicated to scary stuff. The entry decor didnt help and neither did the chucky doll sitting by the entrance (face palm)


But once we got passed the scary stuff it was like they were at a toy store. They were trying on masks and going around telling me what they wanted to be for Halloween.



Needless to say they had a blast in that store and at the park. Yeah it wasnt anything too fancy but you dont really have to spend money for your kiddos to have fun. Just let them run and use their imagination. Let them make random friends at the park and let them try on masks at the store.


Until Next Time



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