Latina Weekly|A Woman Like Me Workshop

I attended the most inspiring and moving workshop ever. And I’m not being biased (I’m actually a part of Latina Weekly) but because I the stories and the ladies themselves moved me. Let me just say that I got my first taste of how it feels to host an event and I must say I give Z all the props in the world for doing what she does!

The workshop was on Women Empowerment, and that it was.


The ladies shared their goals in this workbook. I think the way Z breaks this is very helpful. She has them write from bottom to the top and this way the ladies will get to see their smallest goal get accomplished and eventually reach their MAIN goal. They will see the process and the process and I menace the process is the beautiful part. They also filled out their happy circle.


Then we went around the room and said “our turning points” which was honestly the most raw moment of the whole workshop. The ladies were all so real and shared very emotional stories. We shared a few tears during this moment but I believe they were more so happy tears because from their struggle they grew and flourished into the women they are now.


A beautiful and so well thought speech was given by Jacky. She own a skin care business here in Dallas called Jewel Skin Studio. Ya’ll when I tell you guys she said some very valid points in her speech i mean just that. We as women (Latina or not)  tend to see one another as competition when in reality we should be helping one another. Theres no reason as to why WE all can’t make it. We have to help one another and work together. We are much stronger that way. She definitely spoke to me and made me feel that much inspired.


Laughter and games were shared during this workshop. But I believe that what we all took from this workshop is that anything we put our mind can be accomplished. We dont have to pull away from one another instead we should join hands and be one. We have empower and love one another. Like Jacky said not everybody is for you but that does not mean you have to put that person down. 

Everybody that was there touched my heart in their own way. I left feeling so good and so happy. I applaud everyone for being so transparent and allowing us to hear your stories, goals and aspirations.

Believe me when I say I took everything in and I am so grateful to have met each and everyone of y’all!



Until Next Time



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