To My Three Year Old Daughter

To say that I woke up a little emotional  (maybe more than a little) the day before yesterday is definitely an understatement.

Three years ago I woke up around 5 o’clock in the morning and got ready for work. I put on my black stretchy dress, tan flats and sweater. Dropped off your brothers and made my way to work. While I was driving I began to feel a little off I decided to call my supervisor and let her know that I was going to the third floor and to get checked just to make sure everything was okay. *I work at a hospital

I took the elevators to L&D and was greeted by the nicest nurse she made sure I was comfortable and sent in the nurse practitioner which ended up being the nurse who helped me when I had Kason (crazy right) he checked me and looked at me and said “oh honey you might want to call your supervisor because we are having a baby soon


That same day at 7:03 PM you came into this world after three short pushes. The first memory I have of you is hearing you suck on your thumb, all the nurses found that funny. You didnt cry much you were content with that thumb of yours. You were so alert and so tiny. I remember everybody came in shortly after your birth and they carried you and once it was my turn I was so terrified. You were so little and I was scared of holding you wrong. Imagine me after two 8 pound babies carrying a 6 pound baby. But you fit right into my arms and i felt complete.


These three years have been the best years of my life. You have shown me a lot and have made me want to be a better mother to you and your brothers. I look at you and always think to myself one day you will be somebody’s mother, wife, and grandma and I want you to be 10xs better than me in all of those. I want you to be the better version of myself.

You have shown me how independent you can be.  You try to do everything and anything by yourself. Since you’re the baby you learn a lot from the people around and that makes you want to do it all. You are so fearless you don’t care how high that jump is you just jump. You are our little sour patch kid, one minute you want to be hugged the next all I hear you say is “stop mommy no more” You enjoy dressing yourself and if it was up to you, you would change clothes 4 times a day (which you do, laundry days are hectic) 


I love how you enjoy watching the same movie over and over again and know all the lines. I love how you are starting to play with your dolls and you now have a story line. I also find it funny when you runaway from small dogs but run towards the big dogs. I love you defiant attitude but sometimes that can be a tricky because you are a little too defiant.

I love how fast you learn, you love to sing your ABC’s and listening to you list out the colors you see is the best. I enjoy hearing you sing even if its “daddy finger” or “baby shark” and then ask me to sing along and I do not because I enjoy them but because it’s a bonding moment. You have the best personality in my opinion, you’re funny without even trying and you are so loving.


You might be too little to understand the following but just know it came from my heart

I want you to be kind but also know when to stand up for yourself. I want you to know that you’re worth it and that you are deserving. I want you to know that you are never alone, know that you always have the Almighty by your side. I want you to lean on Him more than any living person. I want you know to know that you are beautiful in every way possible and that you will always be.Continue to be the girly girl you are but keep your “Tom boy” attributes as well, because girl can you hang with your brothers. Continue to be curious and not scared to get dirty. Always love your brothers and maybe go a little easy on them because they to have feelings lol I pray that you continue to be vibrant and kind hearted girl for eternity


Mommy loves you more than words can ever describe. You have made me a better mother and made me embrace who I am as person.

So heres to three amazing years and many more to come! May God continue to bless you and guide you.

we took her to an inside playground because y’all the weather here in Texas has been horrible. She had an amazing time and did not want to leave! 





Until Next Time



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