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So lets let the cat out of the bag,  Hi, I’m Miriam a twenty-six year old woman and I am just now learning how to do my makeup. Yes as embarrasing as this might sound it is very true. I’ve always loved makeup and I actually loved playing with it but lets just say I wasn’t the best, for better lack of terms.

Anyways so as y’all know my little family and I recently took pictures and I wanted to look bomb for them right? I had been practicing a natural smokey eye with a palette my best friend Cinthia gifted me. I shortly realized I could probably be doing a better job if I had more than three different brushes (I can already see all the beauty people cringing at this, sorry guys) So I went to different makeup sites but lets get one thing straight your girl is on a budget so yes I was looking at Wet n Wild and ELF but they weren’t what I was expecting. I then stumbled upon BH Cosmetics and long and behold they were having a 40% off sale!!!!! I’ve never tried anything BH before because I imagined they would be a bit pricey since I’ve seen big beauty gurus use their products but I was so surprised to see that they are super affordable!

I looked at their brush sets and fell in love with one particular set, I added it to my cart and I was ready to check out when I noticed their pallets and well the rest is kinda history but you are about to see that story unfold.

*Side note
I did have an issue with my package getting lost during transit but BH Cosmetics customer service were on top of it and made sure I got a replacement. Thank You!


So let’s start off with what was suppose to be the only thing in my cart.

I got this beautiful brush set, it comes with twelve brushes and a little white pouch (I forgot to take a picture of it) but its just a regular pouch nothing to special. Ive used a few already and I must say that the quality is really good. They are so soft and they do not shed.

This brush set is available minus the pouch but its a great deal just click here.


I think I have more than enough highlights bbuutt how can you pass this beauty up? I’ve used this palette and so far I love Radiance and Allure, but Radiance is my to go to highlight. It is very bronzy and warm and I feel like those work best for me, again repeat I am not makeup guru so I might be way off but I just really like how it looks.  They are very pigmented and very shimmery!

Highlight Pallet here


So I have to be completely honest with you guys….I love this and its VERY pigmented. Now with that being said I am scared of this palette lol! I tried the top-third blush and I thought I had gotten enough to make my cheeks look like somebody just pinched them right?!? Instead it looked like somebody had just slapped me across the face. Thats how pigmented they are, I think I just have to get used to them and maybe learning to work with products that are a bit more pigmented. But it is a great palette don’t get me wrong, I’m an amateur thats all.

Blush Palete here


And last but not least I got this beautiful eyeshadow pallete which comes with four blushes. I’ve used a few colors and yet again I know I sound like a broken record by now, but they are SO pigmented. Not at all chalky and they are the perfect “natural” colors for me. I didn’t want to get a pallete that was too out there because I’m just beginning.

Eyeshadow Pallete here


Here are some swatches sorry for the lighting, but the first two on the left are blushes, the next two are Radiance and Allure the lighting doesn’t do them justice they are beautiful colors, and the last three are eyeshadows.

I feel like I did good, I got colors that I feel I can use for an everyday look if I wanted to.

And BH Cosmetics prices are so affordable and they honestly always have a sale going on which saves you even more money. I am also a big of the fact that they are Cruelty Free! I mean what more can you ask for!?

So just for reference purposes I spent about $37 dollars for three palettes and a brush set!


I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul and my rambling. & let me know if you guys would like more posts like this

Until Next Time




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