Day of the Dead Festival

I’ve been waiting for a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) event since the very beggining of a October.

If you dont know what Dia de los Muertos is let me give you a brief explanation. Dia de los Muertos is celebrated from October 31-November 2nd in Mexico and in other Latin American cities. On these days we celebrate the dead instead of mourning for them. We set up tables or ofrendas and we place food, drinks, and things that our deceased family member enjoyed when they were alive.

So it’s been quiet a while since I’ve celebrated Dia de los Muertos, mostly because it’s rare to find events here in Texas that actually understand the meaning of the day. I decided to look some up and give one at least a chance and I found one.

We made our way to this event and when we walked in I was so impressed by the decorations they had up, it took me back to when I was little. I right of the bat noticed the little altar they had set up. I made my way to it and saw that were using paper bags with a calavera (skull) cut out. People were writing messages to there loved ones and placing them on the altar. I grabbed two and handed one to Kason and one to Kamilah. I wrote Cloise and Big Mama on Kasons bag and then my grandpa came to mind and I added his name as well. I wrote we miss and love y’all so much. And Kasom added a special drawing for them.


After he was done we placed it on the altar


Then we walked inside to another area and this was by far my favorite of the event. They had people who were doing face painting, a coloring table and little station where the kids could decorate their own Calavera.

Of course Kason wanted to get his face painted right away it took Kamilah some convincing (shes very iffy) but we finally got her in line as well.


They both looked so freaking adorable we then went to the coloring table and they basically lost their crap lol. They enjoy coloring so I know they were in there element


Do you see how fast kamilahs hand was moving?

I had to cut their coloring extravanganza short because they were hogging up the coloring paper and they were other little kids waiting to sit down. Our last little station was the calavera table



The local schools had their students art displayed around this area and we walked around looking at them all.


As we were walking out we noticed that they a few girls were just about to start their baile folklorico! And growing up in Mexico my mom had me in dance groups like them so I always enjoy watching them dance. Kamilah couldn’t stop pointing at their skirts and saying how they looked like Coco. She was really into it.

Overall I really enjoyed myself and the kids did too. I plan on teaching them more about my culture in the future because they should be very proud of their heritage.


Until next time



6 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Festival

  1. This is a wonderful post! I love your photos and just the celebration as a whole. My exposure to Day of the Dead celebrations are pretty limited, though I learned about it in Spanish classes growing up, and a little bit through my Catholic education classes. I also really, really loved the film Coco, just because it was another opportunity to learn more and admire such a beautiful and loving holiday and culture. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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